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Sustainability practices image featuring Ecolab representative and customers at a facility

sustainability practices

We utilize industry best practice to develop innovative solutions to solve customer problems while protecting the environment and promoting human health. With products and services impacting people every day in nearly every corner of the world, we have a responsibility to embed sustainability into every aspect of our innovations. We pay careful attention to the outcomes of our products, focusing on human health and environmental impact, paired with outstanding performance.



Ecolab is committed to safety and sustainability

At Ecolab, we ensure safety and sustainability are integrated into our products, from our operations to developing programs for our customers to instructions for use.? Everyone at Ecolab shares this responsibility, which is grounded in our regulatory policies and practices.

From concentrated formulations and antimicrobial solutions to advanced monitoring and innovative packaging and dispensing methods, Ecolab leads the industry in developing new, effective solutions that help our customers drive operational efficiency, product quality, safety and compliance while minimizing environmental impact.

We leverage our capabilities, expertise and technology throughout each of our businesses. By applying learnings and technologies from one industry to another, we help customers save resources, increase efficiency and stay safe.?

eROI illustration

Product sustainability is a key aspect of how our program affect people and planet in addition to water, energy, climate impacts, and waste metrics.? We understand that our customers, as well as their employees and guests want to be and feel safe using our products.? Product sustainability is incorporated into the principles of eROI to describe the total impact of our solution on businesses, people, and communities.