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Products using solids packaging technology

Packaging Principles

Ecolab is committed to ensuring that our products and packaging advance safety and sustainability. We are committed to continuously improving our designs to minimize waste and safely deliver best-in-class experiences for our customers.



Ecolab is Committed to Safety and Sustainability

Sustainability is core to Ecolab’s purpose, which carries through into our packaging principles. Packaging is a key element of our programs, enhancing safety and functionality. We incorporate circular economy principles in our packaging designs, focusing on innovation to design out waste, reuse materials, and enhance

We have a long history of pioneering packaging technology, in some cases reducing waste from traditional packaging designs by 99%. In addition, we were an early adopter of reusable containers for our concentrate products, as well as in the incorporation of post-consumer recycled plastic resin (PCR) into many of our packages, while meeting United Nations (UN),Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards and the California Rigid Plastic Packaging Container Law.

Plastic packaging reduction illustration
Reducing Plastic Waste

In 2018, we saved more than 15 million pounds of newly produced plastic. Because of innovations in the way we formulate and package products for our customers, we have kept 71 million pounds of plastic out of circulation since 2014. In addition to reducing and reusing packaging materials, our use of post-consumer recycled content in plastic packaging materials has increased by 10 percent every year since 2014.

One example is our SMARTPOWERTM?technology, which reduces 99% of plastic used over a traditional 5-gallon (20 L) pail.?

Our Team

The commitment to excellence in packaging design is supported by a global team of more than 50 packaging professionals, including engineers, materials scientists, analysts and technicians. Ecolab is committed to ensuring that our innovative products and programs continue to advance safety and sustainability as key features of our innovative products and programs.??