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Working Together for a Healthier World

We’ve launched our next generation of 2030 Impact Goals, focused on the change we can create for our company, communities, customer and planet.

2019 Corporate Sustainability Report, Partners for Greater Purpose, cover image
Partners for Greater Purpose

We’re driven to empower businesses around the world to do more and be better. There’s a lot riding on industry’s ability to be resilient – meeting people’s needs while protecting the public health and preserving natural resources. Our global team is dedicated to helping our customers thrive and make a positive impact in this world.

Together, we’re partners for greater purpose.

Featured Customer Success Stories

Success stories included in our 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report

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Featured Content

Corporate Sustainability 2019 report
Our Goals and Performance

We strive to achieve a positive environmental impact while enhancing productivity for our customers and in our own facilities around the world.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is our priority at any Ecolab location and wherever we operate.

2019 CSR image
Our ESG Approach

Learn more about how we advance sustainable environmental, social and governance practices.

Our Impact

In 2019, we helped our customers:

2019 Corporate Sustainability Report

Conserve?206 BILLION?gallons?[784.1 million m3] of water, equivalent to the drinking water needs of?712 MILLION?people

Manage?1.1 TRILLION?gallons [4.16 billion m3] of water


2019 Corporate Sustainability Report

Prevent more than?7.5 MILLION?foodborne illnesses a year

Safely protect more than?36%?of the world’s packaged food and?44%?of the global milk supply


Support clean kitchens, serving?58 BILLION?restaurant meals


2019 Corporate Sustainability Report
Conserve more than?28 TRILLION?Btu of energy and avoid?1.5 MILLION?metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce the water and energy footprint of?40%?of the world’s petroleum production

Generate?more than?20%?of the world’s?power


2019 Corporate Sustainability Report

Clean more than?40 BILLION?hands, helping reduce?1.2 MILLION?infections

Clean?15 MILLION?patient rooms and?3.5 BILLION?surgical instruments



Measuring Our Impact

Through our patented eROISM approach,?we measure the economic, operational?and environmental impact of our?solutions for our customers.