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Committed to Safety and Health

Our Commitment to Safety Excellence

From the way we operate to the products we develop to the customers we serve, our commitment to safety is uncompromising. We strive for zero incidents, reducing risk and empowering team members so that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day, every day.
Goal Zero

Our safety goal is always zero incidents. But Goal Zero is more than a number. We place great value on training and education, both at our own facilities and at customers locations. We assess risk before we start work, identify and address safety issues and remedy hazardous situations – at any Ecolab location and wherever we operate. We continue to train and engage our associates to work safely 100% of the time.?

In 2019, We Continued Our Commitment to Safety Excellence

On the Road
We reduced our total vehicle accident rate by 13% and our severe vehicle accident rate by 42%, per million miles driven.?

Through Training

Training plays a big role in our efforts to reduce accidents and injuries. Our programs include:

  • Leadership training: Safety leadership training helps managers understand how to increase the safety culture within their teams. 100% of managers and employees engaged in improving safety performance took a half-day course.
  • Training for new hires: Every Ecolab division provides basic safety training to newly hired sales and service personnel.

In Our Culture

  • Employee engagement is crucial to creating and maintaining a culture of safety.?
  • 85% of Ecolab employees were found to be ‘highly engaged’ around safety in our most recent global engagement survey.?

2019 Safety Metrics


(Number of Injuries and Illnesses per 100 Workers)


2018 2019 % change
North America 1.55 1.48 -4%
Europe 0.90 0.80 -11%
Asia Pacific* 0.50 0.63 26%
Greater China 0.23 0.14 -39%
Latin America 0.99 0.62 -37%
Middle East & Africa* 0.35 0.58 -66%
ECOLAB TOTAL1.14 1.06 -7%


(Lost Days per 100 Workers)


2018 2018 % change
North America 0.80 0.58 -28%


As Ecolab transitioned to a web-based platform for injury and incident reporting, we identified opportunities to improve the consistency of tracking lost time injury rates outside of North America. This improvement will continue in 2019.



(Per Million Miles Drive)
Fatalities: 5


2018 2019 % change
North America 2.79 2.52 -10%
Europe 5.00 4.21 -16%
Asia Pacific 2.06 1.84 -11%
Greater China 1.8 1.17 -32%
Latin America 2.88 2.32 -19%
Middle East & Africa 2.52 2.41 -4%
ECOLAB TOTAL3.08 2.68 -13%


  • Ecolab has a corporate-wide goal of zero accidents?and injuries.
  • 2017 data was amended to account for acquisitions?and divestitures.
  • Data for all countries outside of the United States is reported?on a one-month lag. December 1, 2017 – November 30, 2018.?
  • This information cannot be broken down by gender and?does not include data for independent contractors.
  • All global operations conform to OSHA injury?reporting standards.


(Number of Severe Vehicular Accidents per Million Miles Driven)


Our Severe Vehicular Accident definition includes:

  • Fatality?
  • Bodily Injury
  • Vehicle Rollover
  • Incident involved?drugs and/or alcohol
  • Environmental spill to?ground or waterway

2018 2019 % change
Global 0.12 0.07 ?-42%
* The relatively low number of incidents reported drive a larger year-over-year percentage change